Why do you protect your Tweets (or not)? (Meme)

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Do you protect your Twitter updates? I do. But why? Let’s explore in a little meme…

Twitter has this little tickbox under “settings” saying “Protect my updates”. It prevents your tweets from appearing in the public timeline and new followers need to ask you for permission to follow you. I’ve protected my updates pretty much from the outset, simply because I don’t want everyone to be able to read my tweetfeed or Google to index every little meaningless note forever and ever.

Now, Peter brought up the issue on his blog, if Twitter couldn’t add a little box where everyone would briefly say why they protect the updates. He thinks this might be a bit less antisocial than just not accepting a new follower without further explanation. In my view he has a point! You could argue that you could put that info in the mini-bio that goes with Twitter, but people might not read that for an explanation.

You folks out there must have come across that situation: a new follower request comes in, you don’t know the person, what do you do? Simply deny? Feels impolite, doesn’t it? So here’s a meme:

Why do you protect your Tweets (or not)? Let’s hear first from Carsten (his blog), “dogboy” Kai (his blog) and Drew (blog) for an international twist from the UK. And Peter himself of course.